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These fine tools for the preparation and maintenance of wire coats have an international reputation for ease of use and durability. Their comfortable, lightweight, flared handles are a pleasure to hold. The aluminum alloy for the handle was chosen for durability, while the handle itself is carefully finished for the groomer's comfort.

The Strippers, Deetailers and Muckrakers are color-coded by grade and may be specified in righthand or lefthand handles. Strippers are available in Coarse, Medium, Fine, and Extra Fine, while Deetailers come in Medium, Fine, and Extra Fine. The Muckraker combines coarse and extra-fine teeth while the Muckraker II combines medium and extra-fine.

The Muckraker and Muckraker II are specialized tools for the experienced groomer. They are used primarily to thin, blend, and shape wire coats. Experts have described their use as "faking", "mucking out", and "saving." The Muckraker and Muckraker II are both definite assets to the multi-dog exhibitor -- arm savers, time savers, and coat savers -- when preparing wire-coated dogs for show.

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Product Color-Coded Grades Select Handle Price Each
STRIPPERS Coarse (tan) Medium (orange) Fine (yellow) Extra Fine (blue) Left Right $32.00 US
DEETAILERS   Medium (orange) Fine (yellow) Extra Fine (blue) Left Right $35.00 US
MUCKRAKER Coarse & Extra Fine Teeth Left Right $40.00 US
MUCKRAKER II Medium & Extra Fine Teeth Left Right $40.00 US


Coarse Blade Medium Blade
Fine Blade Extra Fine Blade
Fine Deetailer Blade Extra Fine Deetailer Blade
Muckraker Blade Muckraker II Blade

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Last update: 01/02/2017